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Single-molecule / Single-particle Imaging Lab


Imaging microscopes

2021-09-15 11:57:42

Nikon Ni-U microscopy

The microscope is compatible with PFS, auto-correction ring and external phase contrast system. It is the host of choice for live-cell imaging, high-content applications, confocal, and super-resolution. Four types of LEDs (with main wavelengths of 385 nm,475 nm 550 nm and 621 nm) are equipped to support excitation wavelengths commonly used for fluorescence observation. Using the included controller, the user can simultaneously turn on/off individual, multiple or all wavelength also enables the emission of excitation light synchronized with image acquisition, and is effective for time- lapse imaging.


Nikon Ti2-E microscopy

The Ti2 can accommodate up to three different illumination devices, enabling users to easily incorporate FRAP or photo-stimulation with a variety of imaging applications such as confocal or TIRF. The Ti2's Z-drive and Perfect Focus System (PFS) have been completely re-designed to provide unparalleled focus stability.

The multi-channel imaging system

The multi-channel imaging system, independently developed and designed by Fang's lab, can integrate a variety of imaging methods to simultaneously observe the same sample in real time and get more information about the target, and has now obtained a US patent.